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Access your power​, live your truth

8 meditation classes

Cultivating Peace and Calm

Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

Is your nervous system really nervous? Mine was. I have learned how to rewire my nervous system to create peace and calm and I want that for you too. It has made all the difference in my life! 

This course is designed to:

  • Relax and destress your nervous system
  • Ground and balance your energy
  • Help you feel that you are present and in your body
  • Increase self trust and confidence
  • Create a community of like minded like hearted people
  • Access your inner guidance and power
  • Create a feeling of peace and calm
  • Create and sustain a daily meditation practice
  • Release resistance, so you can move forward
  • Help you feel resilient and brilliant

All healing takes place when you are in a state of deep relaxation. Release stuck energy, reboot and reset your mind, body, brain and nervous system. When you change your energy you change your life.

Meditation, mindfulness, breath work, mantra (sound vibration) gentle yoga, yoga nidra, mindset, the science of habit success, Law of Attraction, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT also called Tapping) in the weekly classes will help shift/move your blocked energy and create clarity, spacious awareness, stillness and peace.

Includes 8 week course includes:

  •  Guided meditations and Handouts
  • Small group environment
  • Group coaching and mentoring
  • Time: 7-9 p.m.
  • Dates: March 26- May 14th
  • Location: Park Towers, 10 Beechwood Place , Old South
  • Price: $397.00 

The Upgrade Option:

  • 3, 60 minute 1-1 coaching sessions or 6, 30 minute 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support for 8 weeks
  • Sessions are via the telephone or Zoom
  • The coaching can be on anything that you want to focus on or need support in
  • Price: $397.00 for the Upgrade Coaching Option in addition to the course fee $397.00 Total: $794.00

Email Kathleen at [email protected] to register for this course.


Kathleen's Peace and Calming workshop has increased the peace and calm in my life! She teaches the value of breath awareness, living in the present and minimizing self criticism. She grounds all 'techniques' in science which helps the skeptical mind embrace the practice. Additionally, she talks about the reality we all experience, encourages us to acknowledge AND honour even the negative stuff so that it doesn’t rule our heart and soul. Kathleen is genuinely committed to helping each of her students live a beautiful life.

Class size is small, location lovely and Kathleen’s attention to detail - dim lighting, essential oils, eye pillows - all combine to create a wonderful sense of safety and intimacy with fellow seekers!

I recommend Peace and Calming for all those searching for the tools needed to stay in the present and live our best life.


I came to Kathleen's workshop with deep childhood trauma that has been a major contributor to my difficulties in managing my daily life and relationships. I have been suffering panic/anxiety, agoraphobia and memory loss on a daily basis for my whole life and disabled to the point of requiring a Service Dog to assist me in my daily needs.

Through working with Kathleen I have been able to learn concrete tools through meditation that have given me the strength and courage to face those emotions and negative body sensations in a really manageable way. Easy tools that I’m able to use anytime when I start to feel triggered and need to process those feelings and memories. And a daily routine of meditation techniques to keep the system functioning smoothly.

This has lowered my anxiety thresh hold which has increased my over all health and sense of well being. Also, I was able to experience the power of group support by doing this kind of trauma healing in a very caring group setting, which for me, was a really big step forward.

I found that because the course was offered over an 8 week period, it gave me more time to develop the skills. This allowed me to make the techniques my own. I found myself turning to these techniques more often especially in those moments when I was really needing the extra support of self care during the day throughout the week.

Through Kathleen's teachings, guidance and support, I've experienced as much healing as I experienced in 5 years of Trauma Therapy. Its been that transforming for me. I know I will continue to benefit because I've learned how to make these techniques work for me. They are now there whenever I need them. This has really increased how much more relaxed, confident, safe and empowered I feel in my own skin.

Kathleen creates a safe, nurturing group environment for all her participants. She demonstrates loving compassion and empathy. Is able to explain how the biological body is connected to the spiritual body through meditation in a way that is easy to understand and practice on our own. All this without asking anyone to suspend their own beliefs. Kathleen is wonderfully inclusive, respectful, boundried and very knowledgeable about working with the somatic symptoms of severe trauma especially for those suffering with PTSD or PTSD-DID.

I would recommend to anyone who is wanting and or needing a greater depth of healing from trauma, panic or anxiety to work with Kathleen.

Kj Voth  

I am a trauma survivor who was recently diagnosed with depression and PTSD, with a prior history of generalized anxiety and panic attacks. While attending Kathleen’s 8-week course, I learned effective ways to relax, ground and centre myself, and how to balance my energy.

Toward the final session, I was better able to manage symptoms of anxiety, cope with physical and mental exhaustion, and felt an overall improvement in my mood and sense of well-being as a result. Kathleen presented a variety of practices that are easy to implement and surprisingly effective in tackling life’s challenges. I derived the greatest benefit from the meditations which now form part of my routine practice.

Kathleen is an inspirational and knowledgeable teacher who is highly attuned to participants’ needs while providing a warm, supportive space for all. If you wish to learn meditation and effective calming techniques in an open, safe, and accepting environment, I highly recommend Kathleen’s course. An excellent choice for those working to overcome trauma, anxiety and depression, PTSD, low energy levels, those who are seeking self-improvement or simply to gain new ways of improving their quality of life.

Rebecca M

"Your lifestyle creates your life!"