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Access your power​, live your truth


Getting sick saved my life.

Because this is where my journey began. ​

Having lived from a place of deep trauma most of my life I compensated for low sense of self and low self worth by becoming a perfectionist, over achiever and people pleaser. People liked me but I didn’t like me. I was in battle with myself. The battle would erupt into an ‘inner war zone’ that would then spiral into a deep depression. Coming out of that phase I would go to the other extreme and take on too much and be stressed out.

‘Addiction to adrenaline’ showed up as always being busy. That pattern resulted in burn out.​ My self worth was only validated from doing and never from just being me and being alive. My broken strategies eventually imploded and my life came to a screaming halt in 2009 ago due to a health crisis that lead to a full blown life crisis. I lost everything. My mental and physical health, relationships, vehicle, career and finances.  

I almost died trying to figure out how to live. I did not listen to my body. So my body finally said enough is enough and it got my full attention and I was very ill. Looking back getting sick saved my life. I had to change or I would not be here today.  

My mess has become my message. The most important thing is how we feel. Feelings are the language of the soul. We have to feel to heal. We have to honor and listen to our body. I hold powerful space and light for women navigating and integrating the shadow self, the disowned parts of themselves.

We are here to feel fully alive and thrive and live a life that we love! I help women get addicted to feeling good and create sustainable success. Inner peace is your greatest wealth. Your life is your masterpiece and you are the master of your peace.

Over the past several decades, I have learned multiple healing modalities, tools and techniques to heal and empower myself. Life is a skillset and learning to live skillfully begins by putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your life and being the CEO of your health, wealth and happiness!

It’s been said "That which is hardest for you to learn is what you will teach," this sums up my life and I am honored to share my life lessons with you.  

Enjoy Kathleen being interviewed for her first time as a Podcast guest:

Is it possible to come out of even suicidal depression to find inspiration and joy? Empowerment coach Kathleen Woodington joins YSPM host Kristin Maxwell to share the practices she adopted and the realizations she made that allowed her to climb out of serious depression and once again find reasons to celebrate life. Listen in as Kathleen shares the practices she uses to help her clients to step out of depression and trauma and find inspiration and joy.