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Access your power​, live your truth

 Kathleen Woodington

Mindset and Wellness Coach

Yoga Teacher

Kathleen is the Creator of the Ultimate Resilience Formula:

Do you feel like you are on a treadmill, always chasing time? Do you sometimes crave unhealthy food even when you know that those foods are not healthy food choices?  But you eat it anyways because you don't  have the 'bandwith' to deal with frustrations. Do you find yourself holding onto extra weight?  

Do you beat yourself up for not getting everything done on your 'to do' list?  And you do that day after day?  Do you often put others ahead of of yourself? Do you struggle with prioritizing self care?  Do you experience exhaustion especially when you wake up? Are you easily overwhelmed or experience anxiety or depression?  Do you feel like you 'inner spark' is fading, you do not feel fully alive? Do you stuff down your emotions, you know, 'put a lid on it?'  

Do you relate to any of the above questions? Maybe not all of them but some of them? My client share these thoughts and feelings with me. Realize that you are not alone. So many people think, "I am the only person going through something like this." I get it. I get you. I was there.

So I am here to share with you that of chronic exhaustion and burnout are energy patterns that you can change. And it all starts with what the ancients taught and even carved in their temples, KNOW THYSELF.

I created a simple and effective wholistic system that addresses burnout and chronic exhaustion on a mind body soul level: mindset, skillset, heart set and reset.

MINDSET refers to your thoughts and realizing that your thoughts and your words create our reality.

SKILLSET refers to upleveling lifestyle skills such as what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, movement, sleep, light exposure and more.  

HEARTSET refers to feeling and healing your unprocessed emotions, releasing the pain and keeping the wisdom. This changed my life.  Your body keeps the score so ask yourself "would now be a good time to set myself free from the emotional burden from the past and more forward?"

RESET refers to learning how to self regulate your nervous system, lower cortisol the stress hormone and activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is where all healing occurs.  Another skill that changed my life. 

I only teach and coach what I have lived and learned.  The learned all of this the hard way I might add.  But I got it.  Health is a skillset. I had massive resistance to change.  If I can do it I can help you.  I am living proof that anything is possible and that using lifestyle as medicine works. When you bring more of you 'online' life gets better and better.  I support my clients in creating the condition for health and vitality because well being is our natural state.  When we let go of what is blocking our life force our well being just flows. 

I am here to support you in feeling aligned, resilient and brilliant on a mind, body and soul level with more energy, ease and inspiration to show up fully in your relationships, your business and your life. I call this aliveness! 

                What is Possible with The Ultimate Resilience Formula?


  • get into the driver's seat of your life
  • dial in healthy lifestyle habits
  • create sustainable success
  • increase your self worth and self love
  • feel resilient and brilliant 
  • increase confidence and self expression
  • listen to, follow and deeper your intuition
  • feel, accept and heal unprocessed emotions
  • uplevel your mindset
  • create more harmony, joy, creativity and peace 


Contact Kathleen via email [email protected] to find out more about her customized 1-1 coaching program.


I help you release limiting beliefs, heal your past and create solid lifestyle habits that support you in your activities of daily living so that you feel more aligned, authentic and inspired (in spirit) . How you live your day is how you live your life.  Learn to live skillfully as you slow things down, listen to your intuition and body wisdom and trust yourself.  I call this process Love Based Living; loving you and loving your life!


I am eternally grateful to you Kathleen Woodington, for the incredible guidance, support, and energy work shared with me while I navigate the most intense trauma and depression of my entire life.

You have truly been a beacon of light, a committed and tireless lightworker who has shown fierce dedication to my resurrection and healing.

I would not be here without you Kathleen.

Your guidance and energy medicine has been paramount in my recovery and continues to be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Divine Mission you are a true servant of the Light and of pure Source Energy.

You inspire me greatly and I will be eternally grateful to you

Susan Meehan

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher

Nia Black Belt Instructor

Moving Meditation Teacher

Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Kathleen you are a true angel and your work is miracle magic. You, in 4 short weeks, have completely transformed my life.kk

I was ready to give up on my dreams, then you came along and started making them all come true. How do you do what you do?

You have such a rare gift! The way you just know — know where I’m at and then you take me by the heart and lead me where I need to go. 

My word is that anyone who chooses to work with you has made a choice for life in vivid color.

That’s what I’m living right now! And, I can never go back to the black and white I lived before I met you. So sincerely and with so much love,

Bernadette Farrell, Artist and Massage Therapist

After collaborating with Kathleen in a Master Mind group, I was drawn to her happiness. I loved how she embraced joy in everything she did while being authentic about the challenges she encountered in life and business. I wanted to know more, so I signed up for her coaching program with the intent to explore and develop new habits to create a more joyful and abundant life and business mindset. 

The custom program that Kathleen created for me, was centered on understanding and addressing my needs while exposing me to new tools and practices. Her coaching was the right mix of support and challenge to foster my personal growth. Being an engineer, I always wanted to know “how things worked”. Kathleen was always willing to address my questions and curiosity about the new practices. 

I have developed new habits that create a more joyful and abundant lifestyle. People have noticed I’m happier and more at ease with what each day brings my way. I am very grateful to Kathleen for sharing her knowledge and being such a compassionate and professional coach during my journey.

Judi Cowell, President

Blue Arroyo Partners, Inc.