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Kathleen is a phenomenal instructor! I have attended many of her yoga classes and am drawn to return to her for more! Over the years I have tried various yoga instructors and classes, yet none that felt as rich and full in all aspects of mind, body and spirit melding as hers. 

Kathleen uses a combination of yoga poses, meditations, positive affirmations and incorporates her life coaching elements into each session. I come to class feeling like a hardened unfinished piece of clay and Kathleen acts like the water element that allows me to soften, bend and flow and open to all of the infinite possibilities!

I leave feeling refreshed, more positive, more open to receive and with newfound hope. Her gentle and approachable style, along with her extensive knowledge base, non judgmental demeanor, and reminders to modify (poses) as needed, all contribute to an amazing class experience! Thank you Kathleen, for all the wonderful contribution you have made to my life.

Kathyrn B. Yoga Student

Kathleen's yin yoga classes are more than just your average yoga class. She takes time to set the atmosphere for the class and provides you with tools to dive deeper into a meditative state while practicing. She is an incredible instructor because not only is she present and attentive for the entire class but outside of her class she lives what she speaks about during her classes.

Her knowledge and experiences in life are evident in her teaching methods. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and never have I encountered an instructor that pays so much attention to every detail important to create a great yoga class. My spirit has grown in was that I never anticipated during her classes. Kathleen's gift is teaching yoga.

Melanie Lum, Yoga Student

I had tried yoga classes in the past and found them to be somewhat mechanical and impersonal. When I found Kathleen's yoga classes, I knew this was exactly what my body and mind needed. Kathleen made me feel welcome and special. Her background knowledge of how the body works, along with her expert skills in the practice of yoga allow her to attend to individual needs and provide modifications on all levels.  

She can accommodate anyone- those with injuries and healing issues, beginners and those who are advanced. Kathleen's classes are very much about mind-body integration and feeling good at your own level. There is a very relaxing a de-stressing component that allows you to forget about everything and focus on caring for your body and mind.  

I look forward to Kathleen's classes because I know my body will feel like it had one great big massage and my mind will be calmly alert. Kathleen's dedication to yoga , to her students and to the community lead her to continually take course, attend conferences and retreats and then share her knowledge with others. She is a gem!

Cathy, Yoga Student

Once I enter the in the studio with Kathleen as an instructor I feel peace. There is a sense of joy and motivation that emanate from her sole presence. I perceive a positive energy coming from Kathleen's guidance.  

Her instructions are precise, keen and very professional, with adequate pace and tone of voice to enable a remarkable fluidity in the yoga routine. At the same time she is able to personalize the complexity of the poses based on the student's needs which make me feel confident and secure of my achievements.  

Celia Hendandez, PhD Kinesiology, Yoga Student

"How does it get better than this?"